Child care Centre Homebush

Get Set Grow, located in Homebush, is a dedicated child care centre that provide every child with the best possible start to life. With our large, spacious indoor and outdoor play area, they can learn, grow and develop new skills. At an early age, children will be able to engage and meet different people to enhance their social ability.


Apart from that, Get Set Grow aim to provide children in their early years with education and childcare. It is an ideal place where children can establish relationship and prepare them for lifetime of learning. With our well-trained educators and unique teaching approach, your children will be prepared to be creative, collaborative, respectful individuals. 


Benefits of child care centres

  • Emotional and social development

At a very young age, children can develop trusting relationships with the people around them such as peers, teachers and parents. Teachers will also help them to promote engagement and curiosity and develop emotional skills. They need these emotional connections to succeed later in life.  

  • Children will learn to take care of themselves and others

At Get Set Grow, children can learn new tasks that will help them how to take care of themselves. Moreover, they will also learn to help others as they develop a sense of self-worth and pride.


Helping others is an important trait that is taught in a child care centre. These behaviours are introduced to them at an early age to form bonds and relationships with others as they grow.

  • Promotes cognitive and language skills

At a young age, children are exposed to language-rich settings. This means that conversational and interactive games are encouraged. Other activities such as story-telling to other children, sharing thoughts with a partner and singing can help them boost their language skills.


For cognitive skills, children are engaged in various hands-on activities to develop critical-thinking skills and invoke questions. Child care centres should promote thought-producing programs for children to improve their cognitive learning ability.

  • Prepares your child for future schooling

For parents, it is vital to understand that child care centres do not just babysit your child. With the help of highly trained teachers, they facilitate and prepare children to acquire the skills needed for future schooling.


If your child learns at a faster rate than the others, then they will be introduced to more advanced learning activities and programs. After all, the child’s learning experiences are tailored to their individual needs.

What can you do next?

A quality child care centre must be a place where children are encouraged, nurtured, supported and exposed to a positive environment. It is more than just a simple place where your child is taken cared of. 

It is a crucial task for parents to determine the best learning path for their children. You can make an inquiry here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, if you want to have a personal visit to our childcare centre, contact us and we will schedule a tour for you. Our centre is located at Suite 1-4, Block A, 81-86 Courallie Ave, Homebush West NSW 2140. Our phone number is (02) 8377 3615 and our email address is

Finally, please contact Get Set Grow for enrolment or have your child enrolled by clicking here