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Our Pedagogy

Welcome to Get Set Grow Early Learning Centre!

Here, at the heart of our approach, lies a deep understanding of the ways in which young children learn and develop. As guided by the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), we believe:

"Pedagogy encompasses educators' professional practices, particularly the significant roles of nurturing relationships, informed curriculum choices, and dynamic teaching and learning." (DEEWR, 2009b; DEEWR 2009c).

In our nurturing environment, our dedicated educators:

See Every Child as a Capable Learner: We believe in the potential of every child and provide opportunities tailored to their unique learning journey.

Engage Wholeheartedly: Our educators sit, play, and interact with each child individually, emphasizing meaningful connections and showing them they're valued.

Foster Collaborative Learning: We actively bridge the gap between educators, families, children, and the community, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Empower Through Choice: Children are given the freedom to select their activities, guiding them through playful learning experiences and intentional teaching moments.

Reflect and Grow: Our team consistently evaluates and reflects on our practices, ensuring we always offer the very best for our children.

Celebrate Diversity: Every child and family brings with them a unique culture, background, and perspective. We honour this diversity, ensuring our environment is a reflection of the vibrant communities we serve.

Prioritize Safety and Wellbeing: Above all; we ensure our centre is a haven where children feel safe, nurtured, and ready to flourish.

Join us on this exciting journey of exploration, growth, and discovery, where your child's imagination and curiosity are always at the forefront of our mission. Welcome to our family!

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