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Our Pedagogy

Pedagogy is about how we as educators educate our young children and support them in their development. The national Framework defines Pedagogy as:

'The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) view pedagogy as educators' professional practice, especially those aspects that involve nurturing relationships, curriculum decision-making, teaching and learning.' (DEEWR, 2009b; DEEWR 2009c).

In our care, we as educators perform various age-appropriate pedagogies adopting a holistic approach that requires purposeful & thoughtful decision making and actions to promote young children's learning. In our care, we as educators:

Respect children as competent learners

Provide various opportunities for children to explore, learn and grow. Educators sit and play individually for an extended period to show their engagement with the children. We work collaboratively with educators, families, children and the community to take full benefit of learning. Providing the opportunity to choose what the children engage and play with; plan and implement appropriate education through play to do the intentional teaching.

Educators critically reflect on their practices regularly to ensure that they are the best practice and suitable for their purpose. We provide an inclusive environment and Provide and construct an inclusive environment and enable Positive learning through the settings created. The spaces should be designed and organised to interact, to influence the child's engagement with experiences and projects both long and short term.

It is valuing and respecting the cultural and social context of children and their families, including being alert to and providing environments that reflect and respect attitudes and the joys, delights and culture of communities.

Provide a safe, nurturing space for the children to flourish. Providing continuity in experiences, observing, documenting, evaluating, and reflecting on the environment and children's learning, ensuring children's education is achieved through learning outcomes.