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Our Programs

Early Adventurers Room (0-2 years)

Welcome to the Adventurer's Room. 

The precious initial months and years of a child's journey are foundational to their long-term health, happiness, and growth. These formative moments thrive on rich experiences, especially those fostered by social connections, which play a pivotal role in shaping the ever-evolving landscape of their young minds. With this in mind, our specially designed baby room offers a myriad of enriching experiences tailored to nurture every facet of your child's development.

At the heart of our approach is the understanding that babies naturally harness their sensory skills to bond with and explore their environment. Such an environment, vibrant and responsive, aids immensely in blossoming their language, cognition, and emotional and social abilities. With the brain's incredible adaptability at this age, we ensure that it receives the right stimuli for optimal growth.

In our nurturing space, babies are introduced to the joys of sensory play. The magic of feeling varied textures, or the surprise of hearing unexpected sounds from different materials, await them. Our dedicated educators thoughtfully craft sensory activities that not only entertain but also enrich, paving the way for little ones to connect deeper with the world.

Moreover, play is more than just fun for babies; it's a way they weave new neural connections. Our haven, both indoors and outdoors, is adorned with age-appropriate resources, handpicked to propel our youngest learners towards their developmental milestones. Complementing these sensory delights, we infuse our daily rhythm with music, movement, and creative arts, ensuring a holistic approach to refining their motor skills.

Step into our world, where every moment is an embrace of warmth, learning, and growth, and watch your child blossom in the best possible environment. Welcome to our family!

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Early Explorers Room (2-3-year-olds)

Welcome to the "Explorers" Room at Get Set Grow ELC!

Step into a world where the joy of discovery and the thrill of learning come alive for every child! In our Explorers classroom, we fan the flames of curiosity, turning little seekers into enthusiastic learners. We've designed a vibrant and safe haven for your little ones to learn and play, where the spirit of exploration knows no bounds.

Our dedicated Explorers educators are passionate about setting a strong foundation for each child, ensuring they're school-ready and poised to shine, irrespective of their unique backgrounds or family situations. We're deeply committed to unlocking the boundless potential within every child.

Tailored around the EYLF outcomes, the Explorers classroom is an engaging space that resonates with children's interests and supports their holistic development. As they journey through their pivotal early years, we're right alongside them, preparing them for exciting adventures ahead. With a plethora of resources at their fingertips, children can dive deep into the wellspring of their own curiosity. And just outside? An enchanting realm awaits, complete with a charming built-in cubby house, beckoning our little explorers to discover the wonders of the outdoors in a nurturing environment.

Stay connected with your child's vibrant world at Get Set Grow! Through our Centre's app, immerse yourself in daily glimpses of their adventures, from playful journal entries to candid moments captured in photographs. Plus, get insights into their routines, from nap times to mealtime delights.

Catering to the boundless energy and zest of 2-3-year-olds, our Explorers program strikes the perfect balance between playful activities, rejuvenating rests, and nurturing care. We're all about ensuring every child acquires the diverse skills they need while fostering a genuine love for learning. And to sprinkle a little magic, we celebrate their shining moments every week, cherishing skills like kindness, sharing, or simply listening. Those radiant smiles at the end of the week? They're our most cherished rewards!

Our Early Explorers Room Leader cherishes your insights and values your partnership. To stay abreast with your child's marvellous journey, visit our "Get Set Grow Early Learning Centre" website or drop by to chat with our wonderful Explorers educators. Let us share the magic and show you how magnificently your child can flourish under our care. Welcome aboard our exploratory voyage!

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Early Inventors Room (3-5-year-olds)

A Warm Welcome to the Early Inventors Room at Get Set Grow Early Learning Centre!

Every child's unique potential is celebrated and nurtured in our Preschool Room. We champion a nurturing environment where our young learners are empowered to make decisions, tackle challenges, and blossom to their fullest. Embracing the whole child approach, we see education as a holistic journey, not just limited to classroom learning but also enriching personal growth, tailored uniquely for each child.

Our passionate educators curate a vibrant tapestry of opportunities, ensuring every child thrives both mentally and physically. From the graceful stretches of yoga to dynamic exercises, we keep their spirits and bodies active. But that's just the start! Our school readiness program seamlessly blends fun with foundational skills. Here, literacy and numeracy come alive as children engage in activities, practising the essential skills of taking turns, listening, and sharing. Beyond academics, this program is a cornerstone for their emotional, social, and personal development. We take pride in fostering self-regulation, sensory processing, and emotional growth while amplifying their vocabulary and language prowess. And while every child's first words may echo from their homes, their communication skills truly flourish in the camaraderie with peers and our dedicated educators.

But the magic doesn't stop there! We're thrilled to introduce our little readers to the 'Reading Eggs Programme'. This delightful journey makes reading a joyous adventure, with interactive lessons that immerse them in phonics, letter recognition, and sight words. And to ensure our children embrace a healthy lifestyle from the start, we champion the 'Munch & Move' programme. This initiative celebrates healthy eating habits and dynamic physical activities, all while ensuring their screen time is kept in check.

Step in, where every day promises a fresh adventure, and witness firsthand how your child's potential unfurls in our nurturing embrace. Welcome to our family!

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Programs: Image
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